Keto WHOOSH! 6 Tips to Break a Keto Stall or Keto Plateau

No Keto Whoosh? What happens when you hit a keto stall or keto plateau? The low carb diet weight loss rocks, but when it stops, you get worried the magic has ended.

As someone who has lost 140 pounds on DIRTY, LAZY, KETO, I also went through the occasional weight loss stall. I feel your pain and worry. I learned how to overcome these keto weight loss stalls along my journey and I’d like to share SIX quick suggestions to break a keto weight loss plateau.

ONE: Are you eating fat, simply to “count” the grams in your diet? Eating too many fat bombs might be the culprit of stalled keto weight loss. Try using your fats as an ingredient in your dish, not the dish itself. (You don’t need to meet a daily macro count of fat consumption.) Cut the cream at Starbucks, I dare you, and see if your weight loss goes WHOOSH!

TWO: How many cruciferous vegetables are you eating? Non-starchy vegetables add bulk and fiber to your meals, allowing you to eat more while consuming less. If you balk at the idea of eating more of these weight loss gems, try adding fats to your vegetable dishes to improve their taste. I challenge you to try a new vegetable this week, or maybe learn to cook an old favorite in a new way. Low carb vegetables are your keto weight loss friend!

THREE: Drink as much water as humanly possible. Be creative if you need to! Water literally flushes out your system while keeping you full. It’s a miracle weight-loss elixir! If you need to add artificial flavor packets – DO IT! Do whatever it takes to help you increase your water intake. Yes, the toilet might be going WHOOSH but so will your weight loss.

FOUR: Look for hidden sugars. Salad dressings, sauces, and even the type of wine you drink might be sneaking in more carbs than you realize. Take time to backtrack and review nutrition labels, challenging assumptions you made about your “allowable” foods. I’ve even been caught slipping on this one – stupid balsamic vinaigrette and dark soy sauce! 

FIVE: Eating out often? Whether it’s a coffee at Starbucks or a PowerBowl at TacoBell, are you accurately counting the carbs? It’s easy to make assumptions (or straight-up lie to yourself – been there, done that!) and underestimate the carbs in what you’re ordering. For more help on what to order and even how to order, give this a read: DIRTY, LAZY, KETO Fast Food Guide: 10 Carbs or Less (free with Kindle Unlimited).

What’s REALLY in that coffee? Could Starbucks be the culprit of your weight loss stall?

SIX: Start moving. I know, I know. Exercise is the last frontier for weight loss. I didn’t start exercising until I had lost 50 pounds and then hit a plateau, so I totally understand. Once I started moving, though, the weight loss continued. I went on to lose another 90 pounds; It works!

Whatever you do, don’t give up. It takes time to undo the mistakes of the past, and this is definitely a learning process. There will be many a WHOOSH, keto plateaus, and even some gains as your body adjusts and you learn new habits. Think big picture! All of your efforts will pay off. Focus on the non-scale victories (NSVs) and progress you’re making. Choose the bigger life and #KETOON, my friends.

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