Fasting, Intermittent Fasting, and Keto #24, S.4

Beginners often wonder if fasting, intermittent fasting, and keto go hand in hand. Are these strategies required? Will they help spur ketosis and weight loss? Don’t be intimidated by the idea of I.F. (intermittent fasting). Though popular, this strategy is not a requirement for the keto diet.

Fasting or Intermittent Fasting (I.F.) describes a planned period of time where a person does not eat. It can be executed in a variety of ways. The length of time, frequency, or allowable food/drinks during a fast? These variables can be customized to meet a person’s individual needs or preferences on the keto diet. There are no hard and fast rules.

Benefits of Fasting or Intermittent Fasting

Folks who practice fasting or intermittent fasting report that it helps trigger ketosis. The body is given an opportunity to use up available carb storage before transitioning into fat-burning mode. Emotionally, many experience feelings of relief. Decisions about what to eat are set aside during a planned period of fasting. Fasting Needed? Ketosis Sign and Symptoms Should I Start Fasting or Intermittent Fasting? This is a personal question that only you can answer. There is no right or wrong answer.

Fasting & Ketosis

You can achieve ketosis with or without the practice of fasting. With DIRTY, LAZY, KETO, you can individualize your weight loss plan to fit your lifestyle. There are plenty of folks who have achieved amazing weight loss results on keto with, and without, this strategy. The decision to include fasting or intermittent fasting is up to you! Keto Before and After Results DIRTY LAZY KETO by Stephanie Laska Stephanie Laska is the USA Today bestselling author of the DIRTY, LAZY, KETO books with over 10,000 positive reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Check out the many available keto diet resources to help you (available from online retailers like Amazon or Barnes & Noble or through your local library):

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