Quiz Time! Dirty Keto, Lazy Keto, or Strict Keto? Which Ketogenic Diet Fits You Best

Quiz time! (1 minute) Answer the 10 questions honestly and discover which type of ketogenic diet works best for you. A strict keto diet isn’t the only option! Consider the “easier” low carb diet – dirty keto or lazy keto! With over 10,000 positive reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, readers agree – DIRTY, LAZY, KETO works too!

  1. Are you open to using artificial sweeteners?
  2. Do you drink diet soda?
  3. What about alcohol?
  4. How often do you enjoy a sandwich with lunch meat?
  5. Who likes hot dogs – raise your hand!
  6. Once in a while, do you eat fast food? (coffee counts too)
  7. Do you prefer a more relaxed approach to losing weight?
  8. Are you the kind of person that shops at regular grocery stores?
  9. Done trying to be perfect?
  10. Would you like to lose weight on a more flexible version of the keto diet?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, DIRTY, LAZY, KETO might be right for you!

Start Ketosis DIRTY LAZY KETO Stephanie Laska

Curious to learn more about what a DIRTY, LAZY, KETO diet looks like? Let me tell you in my own words. I’ll even show you some of the keto food and drinks I eat! If you’d like a free starter keto grocery list, be sure to sign in here on my website (don’t worry, emails and videos are free). I’ll send you a list of keto foods to eat inside the first email. I’m so passionate about helping others lose weight on a ketogenic diet (just like I lost 140 pounds) that I consider this my life’s mission to tell the world how to eat in a low carb way.

I have resources to help you every step of the way in your ketogenic diet journey. From inspirational weight loss stories to easy keto recipes, I’ve got you covered. Dirty keto or lazy keto weight loss doesn’t have to be so complicated. Let me help you get started with an easier form of the keto diet (no fancy math or specialty ingredients required). Let’s do this!

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