Overcome 10 Weight Loss Excuses #13, S.3

Let’s separate the facts from fiction by reviewing the 10 most common weight loss excuses. Some comical, others, familiar! At one point or another, we’ve all thought these common myths about why we can’t lose weight, eat healthily, or start a ketogenic diet. We’re going to bust these excuses wide open. Warning: Expect Tough Love Today! 

During my journey of losing 140 pounds, I had to overcome many of these weight loss excuses too. It took some time, sure, but eventually, I came to realize the only thing really stopping me was ME! If you’re ready for a kick in the pants, lower your defenses and give today’s DIRTY, LAZY, Girl podcast a listen. You can overcome these common weight loss excuses (or at least be entertained by the outrageous excuses).

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You’re not alone in this keto weight loss journey. Let me help you get started with a more gentle, flexible, and FUN way to keto! Stephanie Laska – USA Today Bestselling Author & Creator of DIRTY, LAZY, KETO






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