Bad Mom Parenting Advice to Cut Stress + Stop Mommy Guilt #17 S. 2

Early Mother’s Day Gift to our listeners… we are going to expose the truth! The posts you see on social media of “perfect parenting”? Let me get out my “false news” stamp, please. Stepford wives are not real. They are from a movie! We need to stop pretending if we are ever going to reduce our stress level and let go of the mommy guilt.

There is no handbook issued when you become a parent. You go from taking care of only yourself for decades to suddenly being in charge of someone else too, and it’s really hard (if not impossible) to do both jobs well. Something will end up giving. For many of us, self-care is first to go. I know that was the case for me! I spent decades of my life morbidly obese. My needs were last on the list.

Sometimes being a good mom while trying to take care of myself feels like an inner fistfight. I waiver between feeling proud of myself one minute, but then feel pangs of GUILT the next. What gives? 

This was a topic I really needed to work on during my weight loss journey. Learning how to prioritize my health above all else? Well, for years that concept seemed so selfish — so wrong to me. I really had to fight the urge to put my family’s needs ahead of mine. Interestingly though, once I got a handle on this topic, my weight started to melt off. Who knew? I share many amusing (and sometimes sad) stories about how I finally arrived at this place in DIRTY, LAZY, KETO Get Started Losing Weight While Breaking the Rules.

Today’s podcast episode takes a crack at how we can do better as parents by becoming a bad mom. Yes, I sad “bad”! I’m being tongue-in-cheek of course. I’m going to give you permission to be imperfect. Miss a school event, throw papers away, forget about bedtime and order take-out? Maybe taking shortcuts is the secret behind stress-free parenting. We are going to give you 9 unconventional parenting tips to help you squash the mommy guilt.