Weight Loss & the Scale: Weigh Yourself the “Right” Way #23

Is your bathroom scale a friend or foe? My Walmart scale and I have had a rocky relationship. It wasn’t until recently did I finally learn to love my bathroom scale to help monitor my weight loss. I’ve been known to do some serious gymnastics in order to get the “right” number to magically appear, so my scale has certainly taken a beating. How often should you weigh yourself, anyway? Is there a right or wrong method when it comes to losing weight (but not making yourself miserable)? This heated topic is worthy of discussion!

Let’s talk about weighing yourself. Is it a good idea in and of itself? Is one scale better than another? There are definitely pros and cons to relying on a bathroom scale for feedback. Where do you stand on the matter?

PROS of Weighing Yourself

Neutral – It’s an independent source of information.

Private – No one has to know.

Accessible – Free and always available.

Honest – Provides reliable feedback.

Accurate Tool to Monitor Overall Health – Can provide insight related to other health conditions.

CONS of Stepping on the Scale

Inaccurate – What about weight fluctuations? Hormones, salt, medications, and diet affect our weight.

You’ll Stop Paying Attention to Cues – Are you ignoring hunger, being tired, or just stressed out?

Causes Moodswings – Joy, depression, frustration, and more…

Acts as a Trigger: Self-loathing or self-destructive behavior can result from seeing “that number”.

Is it Muscle or Fat? – The scale doesn’t know about your hard work at the gym.

What are your thoughts about getting on the scale? It’s such a loaded topic, right? How much we weight is such an emotional issue.

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