How to Stop Eating Sugar #6, S. 2

As a kid, I remember being told not to eat sweets because I needed to lose weight. I knew I was pudgy, but I couldn’t stop eating taboo foods! Even though I wasn’t allowed to, I would ride my bike to Stop-N-Go and spend all of my allowance money on candy. Sadly, I often bought candy I didn’t even like just to stretch my dollar even further to buy more. I would eat as much as I could, but then hide the extra behind my Teddy Bears high up on my bookshelf.

As an adult, I still struggle with an addiction to sugar. No amount of fat-shaming has been able to cure my sweet tooth! For me, “dirty keto” has been a life-savor. I have finally found a way to have my sugar-free cake and eat it too. But is the answer this easy?

In today’s podcast #6, Season 2, we debate popular techniques to stop sugar cravings. Find out what tips will work best for YOUR personality!

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