Is Nighttime Eating Becoming a Nightmare? #30, S.2

Nighttime Eating Help! Intermittent Fasting + Other Tricks to Stop Eating at Night.

Lately, I’ve been making excuses to myself about late night eating. Those old messages like “Oh, Stephanie, you can have just one” are starting to creep into my brain! I’ve been testing out recipes for my new cookbook and there is a Tupperware of fudge sitting in the fridge. I keep thinking I can enjoy just one bite, but those bites are morphing into six or seven! I don’t like the way this is headed. I need to have a sit down with myself about nighttime eating. Are you interested?

Here’s the thing. Sometimes the problem really isn’t the nighttime eating. Yes, it can be “mindless snacking,” but sometimes it’s theShame, Blame and Guilt Cycle” that starts up when we go off the rails. What can you do about it?

Episode #30, S. 2 of the DIRTY, LAZY, Girl podcast is appropriately called, “Is Nighttime Eating Becoming a Nightmare?” In this episode, we suggest taking a three-tier approach – one of these strategies is bound to work for you!

  1. Diagnose the Problem… Figure out the WHY
  2. Slap a Band-Aid on it… Temporary Solution
  3. Do BOTH at the same time

Let’s dive into each layer and make a plan to stop unwanted eating at night. Ready to get started?

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