Portion Control – What Foods are a Trigger?

For me, there are certain foods I tend to overeat. I know in my heart that I should “stop” after eating 1 ounce of my favorite nut, but sometimes I just can’t!

I keep eating more.

I’ve tried many creative ways to keep myself in check, like using a shot glass to measure out one portion or limiting myself to one handful… but sometimes these strategies just don’t work. One of the tricks I use to prevent overeating of trigger foods (in the first place) is to fill up on eating low carb vegetables. I know that’s not a sexy answer, but eating a lot of keto vegetables fill me up so I don’t eat some of these trigger foods.

What foods do you struggle with


Some common answers I hear are:

Low-Carb Ice Cream
Nut Butter
Cheese Whips
Pork Rinds
Sugar-free Chocolate

What foods do you struggle with?

Knowing your triggers is half the battle.

When portion control is a challenge for triggering foods, I recommend spending a little more money at the grocery store on portion-controlled sizes. For example, buying individually wrapped ice cream bars (instead of a pint) helps remind me to slow down and enjoy one serving. Sure, they might cost a little more, but in my opinion, that money is well spent!

Sometimes, spending a little more helps you save in the long run. I talk about this concept (and many more weight loss strategies that helped me lose 140 pounds) in my new cookbook – it’s not just about recipes! Ironically, not every tip shared in The DIRTY, LAZY, KETO Dirt Cheap Cookbook is geared toward putting money in your pocket. Knowing when and where to spend your precious dollars is just as important as knowing when to put the credit card away.

I’m here to support you, my friend. Losing weight doesn’t have to be complicated, boring, or expensive. Let’s do this together!