Hormones, Menopause + Weight Loss. Does Food Affect Hormone Levels? #44, S.2

Fluctuating hormones due to thyroid imbalance, cycles, or menopause wreak havoc on our ability to lose weight with DIRTY, LAZY, KETO. Every woman listening can relate to this struggle. We crave sugar, salt, fried food (and let’s not forget the chocolate!) for a variety of reasons, some emotional, and some physiological.

Do the foods we eat cause a hormone imbalance or is it the other way around?

Without getting bogged down in a bunch of science, let’s take a look at 6 practical strategies you can try at home to help regulate your hormone levels. Some tips have to do with food, but other strategies shared in episode #44, season 2 are completely unrelated to what we eat.

Which tip was most helpful to you? As you’ll hear in the podcast, #2 made me crack up.

The DIRTY, LAZY, Girl podcast is sponsored by me, Stephanie Laska, the author, and creator of DIRTY, LAZY, KETO. My BFF and I have a blast putting it together each week, and we love reading your comments on air! Losing weight with keto isn’t about JUST cutting carbs. In my experience of losing 140 pounds, I needed to make improvements in many areas of my life! I created the DIRTY, LAZY, Girl podcast in part to help others overcome common obstacles in their path – we offer up “dirty” and “lazy” tips to work your way around them. Sound like fun?

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