Noodles on Keto #33, S.4

What do you eat instead of noodles on keto? The struggle is real, people. Pasta lovers gather around! Today we are going to brainstorm alternatives and substitutions for noodles on the keto diet. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this conundrum. There are pros and cons to each faux noodle that much be considered.

Noodles on Keto

How do you handle noodles on keto? When it comes to finding the best substitution or swap for noodles on keto, everyone has a different opinion. As long as you’re cutting carbs, who cares which direction you go. Bottom line, do what works for you!

Noodles on Keto

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Keto Tips and Tricks

What are some easy keto tips and tricks? Here are 7 weight loss routines you can start today. Get out of your head and take action (translation… stop overthinking it). Losing weight on the keto diet doesn’t have to be so complicated. Instead of worrying about macros, ratios, or measuring the food you eat, try making simple changes to your daily routines. Voila! You’ll see a big difference.

With keto tips and tricks like these, you’ll build weight loss routines that are doable for the long haul. That’s the whole point, right? To get off the weight loss merry-go-round for good.

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