Fall Asleep Fast #10 S. 2 Are Sleep and Weight Loss Connected?

Research suggests improved sleep will help improve weight loss. I don’t know about you, but that tidbit alone makes me want to crawl under the sheets! Even though I know sleeping habits are important, I struggle to be consistent.

I get up early, like SUPER EARLY! I’ve found the best time to do my writing is very early in the morning. My brain is fresh and there aren’t any distractions. I absolutely LOVE it! No one bugs me and I can finally get my work done. But there is a definite downside. It’s cutting into my sleep, BIG TIME! My internal clock is a mess. I’m ready for bed as soon as the sun goes down at night. I go to bed even before my dog! My sleep rhythms are all over the place, too much on some days and not enough on others, and all of this gets worse when I travel. Time zone changes are the worst!

Today’s DIRTY, LAZY, Girl Podcast #10 gets to the bottom of this issue. We share 7 tips for you to try at home to improve your ability to fall asleep fast, avoid insomnia, and wake up feeling rested.

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