Too Many High Fat Foods Causes Weight Gain? Healthy Fats for Keto

What high fat foods keep you in ketosis on a ketogenic diet? Achieve keto weight loss results by eating the “right amount” of healthy fats for keto. Otherwise, the result of eating too many high fat foods is weight gain, not loss. Ouch! In today’s DIRTY, LAZY, KETO video about healthy fats for keto, I’ll share my thoughts on how much fat to eat and why. Then, I’ll do a “show and tell” of my favorite high fat dirty keto foods that will help you stay in ketosis and lose weight. Lastly, I’ll help you do some problem-solving about weight loss plateaus or keto stalls. If you’re not losing weight on keto, I’ll recommend which fats to try limiting or eliminating.

Ketosis, as you know, is the fat-burning state at the heart of DIRTY, LAZY, KETO. Ketosis occurs when the body burns ketones from the liver as the main energy source (as opposed to using glucose as the energy source, derived from carbs). Ketosis is often an indicator (but not a requirement) of weight loss. Eating high fat foods helps put the body into ketosis. But which healthy fats for keto should you eat? Today’s video explains more about the role fat plays in weight loss with DIRTY, LAZY, KETO.

Fat is the densest form of energy, providing 9 calories per gram. When you think about fat, foods like oil, butter, nuts, and avocado might come to mind. Some fats for keto have a better reputation than others – think about how the media portrays bacon grease or chicken skin. Exactly!

Want to learn more about high fat foods and how they relate to the DIRTY, LAZY, KETO diet? I review all of the macronutrients in each of the DIRTY, LAZY, KETO books. You’ll find the glossary of terms to be very user-friendly – no scientific mumbo jumbo! Losing weight on a ketogenic diet doesn’t need to be so complicated. My goal is to make the keto lifestyle as easy as possible for you to find weight loss success and maintenance for the long-term.

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As shared on NBC’s the Today Show, I lost 140 pounds and created DIRTY, LAZY, KETO. My passion is to help others lose weight on a modified (i.e. easier) form of a ketogenic diet, just like I did. If you’d like more information or would like a free starter keto grocery list, enter your email and subscribe to my free newsletter here at

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