Christmas Gift Ideas! Under $20 Keto Gifts

At my house, we aren’t shy about asking for specific holiday gifts. Yes, asking for what you actually want might be a little tacky. WHATEVER! Having a holiday wish list might even steal Santa’s thunder – this is true! Ultimately though, the benefits outweigh the costs. Asking for what you need shows self-care and prevents money from being wasted on useless gifts. Speak up! Print this list and circle gift ideas for your family (or do like Stephanie and order them for yourself, wrap the gift, and place under the tree from Santa – Doh!).

KETO Christmas Gift Ideas – $20 or Less, Dirty Keto Gifts… Affordable Gift Ideas to support the DIRTY, LAZY, KETO™ lifestyle:

Dash Chaffle Maker – If you haven’t tried a chaffle yet, you are missing out! In less than 5 minutes, you can be enjoying a delicious (and addictive!) bread substitute.

Chocolate? – Simple stocking stuffers like Lily’s Chocolate Bars, Lily’s Chocolate Chips or a high-quality 90%+ cocoa chocolate bar like from Lindt make any girl happy on Christmas morning.

Spices? – I’m so addicted to “Everything but the Bagel” seasoning! I sprinkle it on everything from scrambled eggs to sliced avocados.

Coffee? – Whip up a gourmet looking cup of joe while still in your pajamas with an inexpensive, hand-held mini coffee frother or personal blender. Don’t forget the sugar-free Torani holiday flavored syrups like vanilla, peppermint, gingerbread, pumpkin pie, or brown sugar cinnamon! (each under $10, but link provided to full gift pack). If you prefer drive-thru, ask for a Starbuck’s, Dunkin’, or McDonald’s Caf Gift Card inside of your handy dandy paperback, DIRTY, LAZY, KETO Fast Food Guide: Ten Carbs or Less.

Baking? – Make your own gift basket! Ideas to include: colorful kitchen towels, almond flour, Carbquik, Swerve or Lakanto, along with a new cheesecake spring pan (especially the personal size!) to accompany Stephanie’s new book, The DIRTY, LAZY, KETO Cookbook: Bend the Rules to Lose the Weight!












Pizza? – For the crispiest crust, having a nonstick pizza pan, roll of parchment paper, and inexpensive pizza stone makes all the difference.

Ice Cream? – Did you know they deliver? Ask for a gift pack of Enlightened Ice Cream (use promo code DIRTYLAZYKETO to save $). It arrives in a cooler full of dry-ice. Even Santa can’t compete with that dramatic gift wrapping!

Having expensive gadgets like an Instant Pot or air fryer aren’t requirements for your DIRTY, LAZY, KETO™ journey, but little treats from Santa sure make the weight loss journey a little bit more fun! Instead of another pair of slippers this year, ask your family for keto gift under $20 to support your path to better health.

Happy holidays, my friends! Let’s start 2020 with all the DIRTY, LAZY, KETO™ tools we need to succeed.

Stephanie Laska is the bestselling author and creator of DIRTY, LAZY, KETO™. Get started in your own weight loss journey with her inspirational guide to weight loss, DIRTY, LAZY, KETO Get Started Losing Weight While Breaking the Rules: How I Lost 140 Pounds (St. Martin’s Press).

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