Stop Self Sabotage #20, S.4

Self Sabotage can be hard to spot. Bringing home junk food, negative self-talk, or skipping a work out? Those are acts of self sabotaging behavior. Sneaky, right? The irony about self sabotage, though, is that it sometimes gives us an “out”. We tell ourselves the chips or ice cream are for the kids, for example, but then end up eating it ourselves. Or my favorite, convincing myself I’m too busy to exercise. Both are acts of self sabotage because they get in the way of achieving keto weight loss goals. So frustrating!

My weight loss journey on DIRTY, LAZY, KETO involved so much more than changing the foods that I ate. I had to learn to stop sabotaging my weight loss efforts and get out of my own way! In today’s podcast and video, I share 8 strategies I used to stop self-sabotaging behavior. I hope these ideas help you on your low carb diet journey too!

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Self Sabotage

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