Romancing Keto Vegetables! #5 S.2

My mom packed carrots in my lunch every day when I was a kid; I would throw them away the second I got to school. I am not motivated by any of the so-called “health benefits” of eating vegetables. Isn’t that sad? In fact, I’ve probably rebelled against eating vegetables for most of my adult life simply because they were “good for you”. I hate being told what to do and I thought vegetables were a punishment.

Despite my bumpy dating history with vegetables, I’ve learned to fall in love with them. I’ve become a vegetable freak! It’s not necessarily because I love the taste… I’ve just figured out this is the absolute secret for me to keep my maintain my 140-pound weight loss. It’s really this simple.

I eat as many servings of vegetables a day as humanly possible. It’s almost embarrassing. I love to eat HUGE portions of food and the vegetables I eat as snacks and meals are my trick to slow down my eating like speed bumps on a busy road. For me… I don’t have an off-switch when it comes to portion control. I’ve had to completely reframe the way I think about vegetables. I used to think of eating vegetables as a punishment. Boy was I wrong! I’ve come to realize that for me, vegetables have become my absolute life-preserver. They are my secret weapon to fight obesity.

In today’s podcast, episode #5, season 2 of DIRTY, LAZY, Girl, we get crazy-specific with 7 hacks to help you incorporate more veggies into your life.

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