Keto Hair Loss: Why Am I Losing My Hair?

Have you noticed some hair falling out while on the keto diet? You’re not alone. Plenty of women report keto hair loss, especially at the beginning.

One of the most common “freak out” posts seen from the DLK FaceBook Group is about HAIR LOSS. Some report losing some hair (or having their hair thin out). They want to know – Why?

“Why Am I Losing My Hair? Is this because of Keto?

If this has NOT happened to you – Don’t worry! Hair loss is not a right of passage for the keto diet. This does NOT happen to everyone. If it has, however, let me walk you through what might be the cause, and how you can help yourself.

While I’m not a medical doctor, I can offer some insight based on my own experience. Here are some possible reasons behind this keto hair loss:

1. SYSTEM SHOCK! When your body starts a new way of eating, it might go into shock. Hair loss, skin rashes, and other weird reactions are your body’s way of processing a big change.

2. PROTEIN IMBALANCE. It’s possible your body is demanding more protein.

3. MEDICAL CONDITION. There are a variety of hormonal conditions that can lead to hair loss. Contact your doctor to investigate what’s going on (and specifically ask for thyroid levels to be checked).

What’s happening to my mane?

Action Steps…

1. See your physician for a full work-up.
2. Have your thyroid levels regularly tested .
3. Eat more protein.
4. Wait it out.
5. (Optional) Try over-the-counter hair growth products.

What About Supplements?

I’ve done a lot of investigation into this topic and haven’t come up with substantial evidence that proves one way – or the other! – that supplements like collagen powder will help restore hair loss. I never used these during my weight loss journey, so I’m not able to share an educated opinion about their benefits or efficacy. However, I’ve heard many others share positive experiences. This one is up to you!

Your luscious mane will be back on track in no time.

Don’t let this hair issue get you down! There is bound to be a few hiccups on this new journey. When in doubt, check in with your doctor for more help. It’s always a good idea to have medical support as you make big changes with your health.

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