What is KETOSIS? How to Lose Weight on a Ketogenic, Low Carb Diet

Burn fat from your butt (Not from HWC!) on DIRTY, LAZY, KETO

I am going to tell it to you straight. I lost 140 pounds on a low carb diet keto-“ish” lifestyle without knowing what the word “ketosis” meant. From a medical standpoint, I had no clue what was happening “behind the scenes” that biologically caused my weight loss of roughly 10 pounds a month. When I finally looked up the term Ketosis, I was like, “HUH! THAT’S WHY!”

What is ketosis? Do you need to know the exact science behind it? Probably not. Everyone tosses the word around in keto-land though, so it might be worth your understanding.

Ketosis is just a fancy word for explaining HOW the body is being fueled by FAT.

Like a fire, your body runs on fuel, or it just fizzles out. There are only two natural energy sources available to fuel your fire: Fat or Glucose.

Why is this important? If you feed your fire (body) too much fuel, the excess is stored as fat. Consuming too much fuel leads you to either GAIN WEIGHT or MAINTAIN an overweight body. On the flip side, if you cut back on the amount of fuel you give your body, it looks elsewhere for a new supplier — like your ass! HA! Got your attention now, right? THAT’S KETOSIS PEOPLE!

I don’t know about you, but I like the sound of this ketosis business. Yes, ma’am. Please dear body, use my ass for all future energy sources (and maybe my BINGO arms too).

How can you help your body go into ketosis?

By eating a ketogenic diet rich in fats, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates, your body quickly burns through available glucose (from the foods you just ate) and then switches over to “fat burning” mode. That’s when you lose weight. It’s REALLY that simple. Thank you, ketosis!

How do you know when ketosis is happening? Please don’t buy those weird pee strips. First of all, that’s kind of gross, but more important, it’s unnecessary.

Two magical things happen during ketosis that are a big ole giveaway:

Bad Breath and Weight Loss!

Grab some breath mints and climb aboard the ketosis fueled keto bus!

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