Keto Party Food! Be Social w/ Low Carb Recipes. Easy Keto Recipes / Keto Meals for Parties #24, S.3

Get social + rock the keto lifestyle by bringing impressive keto party food to your next social event. This might surprise you, but keto party food looks just as delicious as everything else being served! I’ve got so many low carb recipes for making impressive keto party appetizers, low carb desserts, keto snacks, and more for your upcoming get-together. In today’s video, you’ll walk away with a ton of keto party food ideas!

Before we get to the keto party food ideas, let’s do a self-check. Getting prepared to socialize on DIRTY, LAZY, KETO involves more than just preparing keto party food. First, you have to “get your mind right”. At your upcoming party, do you plan on eating low carb food, or is this event an opportunity to go off plan? Think this part through before going to the trouble of making keto party food to share. Otherwise, why bother. I know that might sound harsh, but being indecisive or avoiding this topic altogether is a form of self-sabotage. Not deciding is a making a decision, too.

I hope you don’t think I’m a party pooper with all this talk of self-sabotage, it’s just that I’ve seen this come up time and time again with readers of DIRTY, LAZY, KETO. Making keto party food is like putting the cart before the horse; first, you’ve got to decide where the horse is headed. At least in my experience, making a plan to succeed was more helpful than putting together a tray of crispy keto party appetizers!

Enough talk about self-sabotage, let’s get back to the fun part: Keto party food ideas! In today’s podcast, we brainstorm a ton of ideas for keto party appetizers, popular favorites like keto pizza, keto party snacks, keto party sides (keto cornbread anyone?), and of course, everyone’s favorite, keto party desserts like keto brownies, low carb pumpkin pie, keto chocolate chip cookies, or peanut butter pie.

Which keto party food will you make for your next social event? Be sure to tell us in the comments. I love reading your suggestions and feedback on the air. Be sure to listen, because if your feedback is read during a future season 3 podcast, you can contact me for a DIRTY, LAZY, KETO prize!

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