How to Do the Keto Diet Egg Fast #56, S.4

How do you do the keto diet egg fast? My answer might surprise you. I share my honest thoughts on the matter in today’s DIRTY, LAZY, KETO podcast about the keto diet egg fast.

Keto Diet Egg Fast

When folks start asking about a keto diet egg fast, they likely hoping to jump-start weight loss in a big way. There are plenty of reasons why the keto diet eggs fast is attractive. Maybe a cheat day (or cheat month!) spun out of control? Alternatively, beginners sometime assume a keto diet egg fast is par for the course. No matter what sparked your curiosity, I’m going to set the record straight.

What Happens if I Cheat on My Diet?

Cheat Day Gone Wrong

Intentional cheat days might seem like a good idea (in the moment) – who doesn’t want a break from the keto diet every now and then? But let me convince you otherwise. The physical and emotional effects from reintroducing sugar and high carb food to your system can be devastating. Stomach upset, bloating, headache – and this is just the start. Next might come feelings of guilt or shame. Is it worth it? For some, getting back on track can be utterly traumatic.

Back on Track with Dieting

Back on Track Without a Keto Diet Egg Fast

DIRTY, LAZY, KETO recipes leave you feeling satisfied (emotionally and physically). You won’t feel deprived or resentful like you may have felt on past “diets.” Ready to get started? I’m here to help you become successful on the keto diet. Check out the many ketogenic resources here (most are free – and my books are likely at your local library).

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Become Successful on the Keto Diet

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