World Upside Down? Managing Change #33, S.2

Dealing with change is not easy. During times of stress, many of us revert back to old habits for comfort. It’s no wonder the current COVID-19 crisis has caused many folks to gain weight. Eating makes us feel better (albeit temporarily!).

Face Change Head On!

1. Acknowledge the change and “feel the feelings”
2. Research to understand the situation more.
3. Create a comforting routine.
4. Stay present.
5. Ask for help.
6. Surround yourself with familiar things.
7. Resist the temptation to fight the change.

What strategies work best for you?

Strategy #3 and #6 help stop me from overeating during times of change. I keep familiar foods on hand and stick to a healthy meal planning (and eating!) routine. If I’m feeling stressed, I deliberately keep more low carb “comfort foods” in the house and plan to make more “comfort meals” to get through the crisis.

Comfort Food Recipes

Losing weight while eating “comfort food” is possible. I pulled together 100 easy-to-make delicious recipes with only 10g net carbs per serving to share with you in the upcoming DIRTY, LAZY, KETO Dirt Cheap Cookbook. To make this even sweeter, every recipe costs under $10 to make!

Some of the low carb “comfort food” recipes you can look forward to including chaffles, pizza, soup, and cookies. I don’t play around!