Sorry, Not Sorry. A Ketogenic Diet Success Story

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I eat fat, and lots of it.

People get so irritated when they eat a meal with me. They see me loading up on the cheese and sour cream toppings, pouring the guilt-ridden creamy dressings all over my chicken salad. I smear butter on my vegetables. I pour gravy on my meat. I eat not one plate, but maybe two or three. And I don’t apologize for it.

Folks frown at me at the table. They’re suspicious that I had some kind of weight loss surgery. “She couldn’t possibly have lost that much weight eating like that!” they ponder. “Look at all those CAL-OR-EEEZE!” they think while nibbling on their unfulfilling lite menu entree.

So why is that? Why aren’t people just happy for you for when you lose weight? And furthermore, why do people get downright angry when you tell them you did it on a ketogenic inspired diet. “Keto-WHAT?” they ask?

Ketogenic. I rarely use that word. I think it freaks people out like I’m an epileptic from the 1950’s on a last ditched attempt to control fits. I usually say “low carb diet” or “kind of like Atkins,” or maybe “has a lot in common with Paleo” and it’s “sugar-free”.  None of that is exactly the right description. But why do I have to explain myself at all?

A ketogenic or “keto” inspired diet works for me. My body runs better on a higher fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate diet. I don’t follow strict keto, in fact I call my own version “dirty”. Doesn’t that sound even crazier? I enjoy lean meats, full-fat dairy (gasp!) and eat tons of non-starchy vegetables, followed by drinking plenty of water. My diet is full of delicious and satisfying “real” foods.  I’ve lost 140 pounds, and kept it off for going on 5 years. I feel great! So sorry, not sorry, this is working for me.

So, what’s with the judgement? Nay-Sayers have passionate arguments. They claim “eliminating food groups altogether” is completely irrational, and even downright dangerous to your health. Fatty liver and high cholesterol lie ahead! You will suffer kidney stones! Furthermore, critics claim this kind of diet is not sustainable and unrealistic. For whom, I ask? You?

Are these people really worried about my health? Or are they just feeling bad about their own? The truth is that eating refined sugars and starchy carbs make me feel sick. They dramatically spike my blood sugar followed by headaches, exhaustion, and a need to eat more to raise my blood sugar again. It’s a vicious and complicated cycle that spins all well-intentions out of control, resulting in serious weight gain. I’m not slothful, lazy, or lacking self-control, my insulin just operates differently than yours.

So, when your friends, family, or coworkers furrow their brow with concern over your “keto-WHAT?” diet, I urge you to stand strong in your faith. Results speak volumes. I have a normal BMI for the first time in my entire life! I eat real foods that are healthy and fulfilling. But most importantly, I’ve found a way of eating that makes me feel healthy and in control.

So sorry, not sorry, this works for me. I bet it will work for you too!

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