Keto Diet Egg Fast

What’s a keto diet egg fast, and why in the world would anyone want to eat nothing but EGGS? The keto diet egg fast is kind of an urban legend. Keto dieters whisper their keto diet egg fast questions to one another and compare notes. “How do I do the keto diet egg fast?” “How much weight will I lose?” “Exactly how many eggs do I have to eat?”

How Do I Do the Keto Diet Egg Fast

You might be wondering if a keto diet egg fast is required with DIRTY, LAZY, KETO? Absolutely not! Some swear by the jump start it provides, wiping the slate clean so to speak, but personally, I don’t see the value. I like eggs, but not THAT much! A keto diet egg fast is usually an extreme dieting measure where a person eats only eggs for a planned period of time, like a few days.

Its been my observation that folks voluntarily enter keto diet egg fast binge for one of three reasons:

  • Desperation to break a weight-loss stall.
  • Guilt (of overeating, cheating, or of a weight gain).
  • Punishment (for what, I don’t know, but maybe this one is best reserved for therapy).

What Happens if I Cheat on My Diet?

Quick fixes for a cheat day gone wrong are tempting. This, I understand. But will a keto diet egg fast make all of your troubles go away? It’s pretty unlikely. Even with a rack of cage-free yolks in your tummy, a keto diet egg fast is NOT going to provide a surefire solution.

Here are my concerns about eating (ONLY EGGS!) for a period of time.

  • Noxious intestinal gas! I fear for your family. (Okay, seriously, now…)
  • Won’t you get tired of eating eggs? Eggs are truly one of the most perfect keto foods (next to avocados, in my opinion). I would hate for you to ruin an entire protein source by getting “burned out” eating excessive amounts of these nutritious beauties.
  • Becoming physically ill from just eating eggs. This reminds me of a certain college experience I had with tequila. I won’t go into details here, but let’s just say I won’t be having tequila ever again. I imagine that eating plate after plate of eggs might have the same intestinal effect? Bleh!
  • Most importantly, I worry that an egg fast is merely a temporary fix that doesn’t address the underlying issues. This here is the biggest reason of all. We can’t keep “egg fasting” our way to healthy and sustainable weight loss. At some point, (sadly), we have to put down the fork and process what is really going on.

Keto Diet Egg Fast

Whether you are looking to shock your metabolism into ketosis or trying to reverse the errors of your last cheat meal, rest assured there is another way.

The solution won’t involve anything scrambled (except your emotions!) as you figure out how to “course correct” your eating. Be patient and kind to yourself. Take a deep breath. Acknowledge your humanity and imperfection. The weight loss riddle is so complex that even Oprah can’t figure it out, and boy does she have the resources!

We are in this together, my friend. It may not be an easy journey, but I assure you it’s worthwhile. For more options to break a plateau, I recommend another of my blog articles: 6 Tips to Break a Weight Loss Stall.

For more honest and realistic advice about how to lose weight on the keto diet, check out the full support guide DIRTY, LAZY, KETO Get Started Losing Weight While Breaking the Rules: How I Lost 140 Pounds. I promise it’s a fun read!

Stephanie also leads a small group, premium keto support group on Facebook – for women only. 

You’re not alone in this keto weight loss journey. Let me help you get started with a more gentle, flexible, and FUN way to keto! I’m here to support you. I’m here to help. Let’s do this! #Ketoon

Stephanie Laska

USA Today Bestselling Author and Creator of DIRTY, LAZY, KETO

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