Stop the Self Sabotage! 5 Whack-a-mole Tips to Stop Self Sabotaging #3 (Season 2)

It’s easy to recognize the cake-pushers. They always start with obvious comments like, “But you deserve it!” making it easy to spot their sabotaging behavior. But what if the sabotage is coming from within? Why in the world would you try to sabotage yourself?

In my previous life, I would lose 10 pounds or so, but then immediately stop going to the gym. I’d reward myself with a dessert, thinking I somehow deserved a treat for losing weight. WHAT? Does that make ANY SENSE at all? Absolutely NOT!

Self sabotage takes on many strange behaviors. Unlike the “evil donut bringer” at work, acts of self sabotage might be harder to spot. It takes on all sorts of roles:

  • Self-criticism
  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Minimizing accomplishments
  • Being afraid to take risks
  • Holding on to the past
  • Denial
  • Making false excuses

In today’s DIRTY, LAZY, Girl Podcast #3 of season 2, we share personal moments of when we found ourselves self sabotaging and what we did to stop it. You’ll leave the episode with 5 practical strategies you can try at home to whack down sabotage behaviors that pop up in your path, no matter what goal you are trying to achieve.

The DIRTY, LAZY, Girl Podcast is here to support your non-traditional path to success!

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