Hoarding? Declutter the Kitchen #10

When the Aldi zero carb bread riots were going on, it got me thinking – Why do folks go overboard with shopping for the kitchen? In my DIRTY, LAZY, KETO Facebook support group, I watched in horror as grown women fought over smug posts and photos of Aldi bread like it was the last cabbage patch doll on Black Friday. Some posts proudly showed off a big score – a shopping cart full of zero carb bread, while other comments were angry, outraged even at the blatant excess (or leaving the store empty-handed). The situation was sad, but at the same time, fascinating: What was really happening here?

Is buying more than you need a form of kitchen hoarding? I know I’ve bought excessive food and/or kitchen gadgets — but why?

Maybe deep down, I believe a well-stocked (or over-stocked) kitchen will safeguard weight loss success. Or, I might be hoping if I buy “yet another kitchen appliance,” I will turn into a domestic goddess. What if it’s something else entirely – Am I getting sucked into instant gratification? Hmm… not sure! Let’s figure this out!

In podcast episode #10 of DIRTY, LAZY, Girl, Tamara and Stephanie try to understand common motives behind kitchen hoarding and then suggest steps to declutter. Join our conversation.

30 Second Video Preview! https://youtu.be/yLDHiBEvZ1U

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