Procrastination & Smart Goals “I’ll Start Monday!” #11

Procrastinators and perfectionists gather round! Do you ever hear yourself saying, “I’ll start MONDAY!” (or never, right?). Does avoiding getting started with a big life change mean we are lazy? Spoiler alert – NOPE! Everyone experiences fear of new beginnings. You are not alone with your struggle to get moving.

Today’s podcast is about overcoming the “Getting Started” blues. We’ve all been there! Procrastination, when faced with a new goal, is often a normal and predictable part of the process.

There are so many reasons we procrastinate “getting started” — and none of them have to do with our intentions. We want to do better. We want to be better. But there are hidden stumbling blocks that get in the way of taking action. Whether it’s a fear of failure, or desperation to “be perfect”, the DIRTY, LAZY, Girl podcast is here figure out what’s really stopping you from taking action. Then, Stephanie and Tamara will share creative DIRTY, LAZY, Girl tips to kick you in the pants get you where you want to go. Let’s figure this out – but together!

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