Balance & Self Care: How to Get More ME-TIME! #6

Are you a selfish “wee-atch” with unlimited time, money, and energy to devote to taking care of just yourself? Huh… Didn’t think so!

Self-care is an on-going struggle. I have to fight the instinct to be a super mom, super employee, super daughter, and super spouse. I’m trying so hard to be perfect for everyone else, that oftentimes, I forget the most important person – myself.

Trying to “do it all” is EXHAUSTING.

In my experience, whenever I try to “do it all,” I ended up totally sucking at everything. I quickly become overwhelmed and then…uh oh, SUPER CRABBY! Ironically, by trying to take care of everyone else, I end up feeling resentful, frazzled, and enter the burn-out zone. Sound familiar?

No one is going to give you “me time” unless you demand it. The question is, do you believe it’s important?

Carving out “me time” helps me stay balanced. Yes, some might call me a selfish “wee-atch” for putting my needs above others – you betcha! But, I’ve found that scheduling a little time for myself is the only solution that helps me to stay sane.

Join podcast co-hosts Tamara and Stephanie in episode 6 where we debate hilarious and unconventional strategies to carve out more “me time,” in your day, even when you’re pressed for money and time.

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