I’m Bored. Let’s Eat! Are Keto Snacks the Answer? #15 S.2

When I’m bored, especially in the late afternoon, I open up my pantry or refrigerator doors about 1,000 times each. “Let’s EAT!” I say to myself about every thirty minutes. If I don’t catch myself, I’ll start snacking on whatever is available (and not even remember eating the food!) All of this gets a lot worse if the TV is on.

Like many of you, I’m homebound right now. While I enjoy being in my slippers all day, I don’t like being so close to my refrigerator. Are keto snacks the answer? Or do I need to have a complete snacking intervention with myself?

In episode #15 of DIRTY, LAZY, Girl Podcast, we figure out fun ways to attack the dreaded, “I’m BORED snacking.” Join the conversation!

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