An Attitude of Gratitude in 5 Love Languages #16

Have trouble saying “Thank you?” Why do you think that is? Expressing gratitude leads to increased happiness, boosts physical and mental health, and strengthens relationships. We KNOW gratitude is valuable, so why don’t we practice this more often? Expressing gratitude might be the breakthrough you need to get to your goal.

If your blank gratitude journal is collecting dust and making you feel guilty, episode #16 is for you! This week’s DIRTY, LAZY, Girl Podcast searches for alternative ways to practice gratitude but achieve the same positive results.

Identifying where you land with the 5 Love Languages is key. Once you know your preferred method of communication, you can start expressing gratitude in more natural ways. Want to learn more? Check out this week’s 30-second video preview on YouTube. Afterward, be sure to subscribe to the DIRTY, LAZY, KETO YouTube Channel to receive updates when a new episode is released.

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