The UPSIDE of Quarantine: How to Stay Positive #14 S. 2

Yesterday, I found myself eating a (double batch) chocolate mug cake for lunch. I had convinced myself this was a terrific decision – after all, it was keto approved, sugar-free and even had an egg inside. That has to count for something, right? It took me a minute to realize I was feeling a little depressed. I was looking for chocolate to help me feel better during the quarantine. Maybe I need social distancing from my kitchen?

As the crisis gets more complicated, and the days of being homebound start to add up, you might start to go stir crazy. It’s normal to feel worried and stressed. Every day, the situation keeps changing! For some reason, I keep looking to my refrigerator for answers. Spoiler alert… there aren’t there!

So what can you do about it? Other than hoard toilet paper, there is only one thing you can control, your attitude! Today’s episode of DIRTY, LAZY, Girl offers up 8 helpful DIRTY, LAZY, Girl strategies for learning how to stay positive during a negative situation. Join us!

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