I Quit! DIRTY, LAZY, Girl Addictions & Bad Habits #5

What are your DIRTY, LAZY, Girl addictions? For my entire life, I’ve received criticism over my “bad habits.” Snacking too much, talking too loudly, and always chewing gum are at the top of my list. But… when do innocent habits cross the line into “all-out” addictions? How do you figure out when an unwanted behavior crosses the line from being just an embarrassing habit to an obsession?

In episode #5, we explore what’s really behind our addictions – the payoff! – and then provocatively ask the question, “What’s the big deal?” Part of being a DIRTY, LAZY, Girl is doing what’s right for you – and no one else! Maybe your quirky behaviors are working out just fine, thank you very much.

If you are trying to overcome an addiction, however, Stephanie and Tamara brainstorm hacks and strategies to help you make long-term, effective behavioral changes. Delete that Candy Crush App already! Join the conversation and learn if, when, and how to overcome a DIRTY, LAZY, Girl addiction.

Is Tamara’s daily trip for a drive-thru coffee a treat or an addiction?

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