DIY or Do It Yourself? Quarantine Easy DIY Projects #16 S. 2 The Benefits are Endless!

Something that surprised me along my weight loss journey was how I learned to take more and more risks. I became more sure of myself and willing to try new things. For me, DIY projects weren’t just about cute arts and crafts or basic home improvement, they were little opportunities to build more self-confidence. While I was losing 140 pounds, I learned how to build a website, install a ceiling fan, write a book… even how to record a podcast!

Instead of using quarantine as an excuse for not getting things done, it’s time to get creative and learn how to DIY or do-it-yourself. By taking the initiative to solve problems, you might learn a lot more than you’d expect. Today’s DIY episode explains 7 benefits to doing it yourself.

Join us and learn about our successes and failures.

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