Throwing Tortillas at San Francisco’s BAY TO BREAKERS

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As an Ambassador for Bay to Breakers 2018, I felt it my responsibility to scour the rules and regulations to uncover any LOOPHOLES. I noticed right away that there is NO OFFICIAL RULE AGAINST TORTILLA THROWING. Gasp! Despite the criticism of my husband who hates to waste food, I am particularly excited to participate in the time-honored tradition of spinning tortillas into the air while standing like herded cattle in my assigned corral. It’s like the beach ball throwing in the audience of Coachella, but biodegradable and more entertaining.

1.There is something scandalous about flinging tortillas like flying saucers across the crowds of your corral, and an even greater amusement to see the reactions of those “slapped” into attention. Even if your costume isn’t wild or crazy, you can still step outside the box while playing Frisbee with these carbolicious discs.

2. Where to get the tortillas? Well of course you can bring your leftover supplies from your kitchen (corn or flour, no preference), but for those who take this competitive task seriously, you may want to purchase a bag or two so you have plenty of ammunition. If you happen to have a Dollar Tree or .99 Cent Only Story in your area, you will be thrilled to purchase large bags of small corn tortillas for – gasp – one dollar! Of course, if you prefer to be more “green” you can simply recycle tortillas thrown your way by flinging them back into the crowd.

3. Let’s discuss technique. I interviewed Ultimate Frisbee Coach Geoff Rexroth from 209 Ultimate Central for tips. “It’s all in the wrist,” Coach Geoff explains, “It’s more about wrist snap than arm speed.” Thus, there is no need to waste time pumping iron before the upcoming race. If you need to visualize the technique, “it’s like when you snap a wet towel at your younger sibling.”

4. “The throw” When spinning a tortilla into the crowd, you have a choice of the backhand or forehand (the flick). Because of the weight of the tortilla, Coach Geoff recommends the backhand. “Place four fingers under the flat and the thumb on top. Fingers curved. Thumb should meet the pointer finger at its knuckle.


5. “The Distance” As you flick the tortilla, point your hand in the direction you want to go. For extra distance, add more snap to your wrist. “Imagine a magic wand,” Coach Geoff suggests. Make magic with your tortilla.


Participating in Bay to Breakers means you are taking part in history. Not only are you taking part in one of the “World’s Largest Footraces”, you are committing to one of your happiest memories ever spent in San Francisco. So, pack your tortillas, try on an old Halloween costume, and join me and thousands of new friends on Sunday, May 20, 2018.

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